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Long time no see!!

credit: dribbble.com

yo yo i didn't post any since 2014 (lmao), well today i just want to share my random poem (lmao). i wrote this a week ago, just random because i couldn't sleep at that time, also i didn't give a title too. anyway, check this out.

At that time we were too young
too young to understand what is love
all we knew just being together
like a song, "two is better than one"
all the time you told me, "i never leave you alone"
you kept promising me
just wait for me, you said
for now all your words just like dust in desert
it's better if you didn't say those words
because words can be forgiven not forgotten
don't be mistaken
i just want to write it down
just go away from my head
i'm no longer in love with you
good bye

how guys? syalalalalalalalalala don't be mistaken, i'm not 'galau' lalalalalaaa

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