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How Can We Prevent People from Dropping Out of High School

by: Nailatur Rofi'ah 

When we hear about dropping out, this is very serious problem in school. It must be known what the exactly reason and the problems, although the reasons and the problem are quite serious, the teacher and the school have to give chance to the students to make it in better condition. There are the problems that make students feel perforce to dropping out from high school, such as often to skip the class, like to fight with other students, often bullying other students, and all about the teen-mischievousness. In the other hand, there are students who have good attitude at school but they want to dropping out from high school. They do not have enough money to pay the school cost, so they think that more important to getting a job than study. To solve these problems, students really need support continually from many sides, such as the parents, friends, and the teachers. The kind of support can be the mentality support or the financial support.

In school, for the mischief students, the teachers have to ready and extra patience to face them. It can be one of signals that they feel less affection, so they search the attention to the teachers with skip the class, fight with other students, and etc. The teachers have to always check and giving advice to make them in better attitude. In home, the parents should be more give affection and attention to their own children. If they are very busy with their works, they still should not abandon their own children. At least, the parents ask how the school life or how their condition at school, it can make them feel the parents support. This is good for their mentality or their psychological side.

For the students who have good attitude at school, but unfortunately the finance condition does not support them. The teacher can suggest them to apply the scholarship in school. If the school does not provide the scholarship, the teacher can search in any business office that provides the scholarship for unfortunate high school students. It will really help them whom still want to study, but they had the hands tied with financial problem. The parents should always support their children to be better person and always never give up.

The students who want to dropping out from high school really need support from many people around them. The most important support is from the closest people; family or parents, because they must be know their own children more than anyone else. The support from teachers and friends is really needed too, because they are second family when the students in school. If they all have a good condition to support each other continuously, there is no dropping out because of these problems.  

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