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Rainy Day ~

rainy day

yeah today it's rainy day in semarang, exactly in kaligawe. the rain was fallen from shubuh until 8 am.
then the rain stopped, after that the clouds still 'mendung' until afternoon.. and the rain fall again now..
although not so hard, but the rain came so suddenly.. (of course lah nel..please dehh -__-")
yeaay..today it's so boring day too.. why? because i felt so useless came to college..
all lecture not attended in class because they're busy in their business.. i don't know..
aahhh if i knew that will not classes today, i'm won't to go to college.. hehehe (just kidding :p)
yeaah it's because the weather so support me to still lay in my bed.. hehehe (*backsound "Lazy song-Bruno Mars")
but i'm not feel useless when i went to college because i met great friends in there..
so many inspiration and fun in there..
and i can brows internet free with wi-fi hehehe :p

*errgh my notebook so annoying..why you want to restart..let me write some words again..okey?*
*okey just ignore it* *yawn*

back to my story :D
finally i back to my lovely room after ashar..
but when i arrived in front of the house, i'm shocked a bit looked the house in reparation by some workers..
and of course the floor so dirty.. i hate it.. but i just keep silent.. nothing that i can do..
but, Alhamdulillah my lovely room still clean..but in front of my room so dirty..
so i must use slippers until front of my room T.T (little melankolis hehe)

yeaah after that i just put down my bag and i went to minimarket to bought some goods for my necessary..hehe
after that i read book and listen to music to waited adzan maghrib..
then i took a bath..pray maghrib..reading holy quran..dinner..pray isya..chit and chat with my room-mate..
and now i writing this note.. hehe

the last.. i'm going to go to bed now..
good night~

tomorrow must be better than today ^^
yeaay.. keep spirit.. fighting!! ^^

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