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The simple definition of money is device to transaction. Money is the thing that you can get from many ways. There are from work you get the salary, from trade (sell and buy) you get a net(value of advantage from sell something),and etc.  All transaction you can do with money. If you need something, you need money to get that. So, money is crucial thing in our social life.

 Everyone needs money. Everyone loves money. Some people that too love their money, they will do anything to save and manage their money. Many ways to get, manage and increase the money. There are become entrepreneur, investor, produce some product, work hard, etc. We must do all that ways by good manner, don’t be sly and lie to other people. So, if you want your money keep increase, don’t do bad things to other people.

In other side, we can look the poor people so hard to get money, they work hard to fulfill their necessary everyday for their family. But some people who easy to get money, few of them don’t want to help the poor people. Why? Because they really love their money, so they feel if they use it, the money will be used up and they will be become poor people. This is really superficial thinking, isn’t it? Whereas in our religion, we learn that if we help other people who get difficulty, we must help them. Our God, Allah SWT promised that he never relieve our livelihood when we help other people who get difficulty. So, we don’t to be stingy and greedy people, help the other people who need our help. 

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