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Argumentative Essay - Introduction - Using Animals for Scientific and Medical Research

There have been pros and cons about using animal for scientific and medical research. Some people said that using animal is needed to prove the truth of knowledge before we practice it to human. This method also helps scientists to know about their research, work or not. In the other hand, utilized animal in scientific is not good for animals, because it might be killed them if the research did not work and the animal became extinct. Because of the reason, they have to breed the animal by their self to do their research. So, this is fine to use animal for research because it is become new information for all people.

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  1. based on Miss Nani's references, argumentative essay should :
    1. Introduce the topic with a general statement = good
    2. State why it is important = good
    3. State there is a difference of opinion about this topic = good
    4. Thesis statement must state what YOUR claim is and can include the “parts” of the argument
    you are going to state. = good

    So, i think this essay is correct. GOOD JOB NAY ;)


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