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A few days ago, my friends and I enjoyed our trip in Yogyakarta and Magelang. We went there for an agenda “Tourist Hunt”. That agenda held by SAEC (Sultan Agung English Club) to increase our speaking ability by make little conversation with native speaker. We went there on September 28th-29th 2013.
The agenda started on 28th September. First, we came together in front of SAEC office. We left UNISSULA around 5 pm. We arrived in Yogyakarta around 10 pm. It needed long time because the place which we would stay in was quite far from Yogyakarta city. Exactly, we stay in Wates, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta regency. After we arrived, we had given briefing by the committee for the agenda next day. Then we all took a rest.
Then, the next day, after preparation and breakfast together, we went to Glagah Beach in Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. It took about 15 minutes from the lodge. That place was very peaceful and the weather was good too. It’s very nice for trip. When we arrived in the beach, we all amazed by the beautiful scenery, the blue ocean, the huge waves which hit the rocks, all those were wonderful. Those rocks were made by human, but it still cool and wonderful. We all played happily like children. We took many photos there. We all very excited and very enjoyed.

Then, the next destination is Borobudur Temple. It was located in Magelang, Central Java. We left Glagah Beach around 9.30 am. We arrived in Borobudur around 11.30 am. When we arrived there, we started to left the bus, suddenly the sellers came to offer their product like souvenir and some of us bought that. Then we came together in a place to lunch together, then we had given briefing again by the committee. We had to find international tourist minimal 3 persons. We started enter the Borobudur temple around 12:30 pm. Before we enter to the temple, we had to wear a stole on our hips. We all wore that stole to participate continue our culture, batik. We all started to find the tourists. We all went with our own groups. For the first, my friends and I looked for the tourist who looked not busy. We met the tourists from Holland. Their names are Angela and Helena. They were very nice and friendly, that made us comfort to talk with them. We made small talk and we took pictures together. We were very thankful to meet them, because they’re very kind person. Then we must find another one to complete the mission. We met someone, but he was reject us because he had to go back quickly because his group had been waiting for him. Then we looked for another tourist, we met two persons that we think they not in hurry, but we got reject again because there were two groups before us had been make conversation with them, and they didn’t want to do that again. So, we must find another tourist. We walked around the temple; we met our friends from other group. We decided to make conversation together in same person. We met two girls from Australia. Their names are Catherin and Amanda. Catherin had visited Borobudur sixth times, but Amanda for the first time came to Borobudur. Catherin is English teacher in UGM. She did as a volunteer. They were all very kind and friendly. Then we took a picture together.
Finally our mission completed. Then we all took a rest for a while and we enjoyed the scenery from the top of temple. That’s very beautiful. We took some pictures again by our self. Then we left the temple around 1:30 pm, and then we looked for some goods for souvenir. Then we went back to Semarang around 3 pm. We arrived in UNISSULA around 6:30 pm.

All our activities there will be my wonderful experience. I really want to back there soon. 

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