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by Nailatur Rofi'ah

source: google image

There are many types of giant ape live in the world. One of the giant apes, Orangutan, lives in tropical forest like in Sumatra and Borneo. The name of ‘orangutan’ means “wild man”. The native give that name because they have similarities with human physically and live as wild animal in the jungle, so the native give them the name ‘orangutan’. 

Sumatran Orangutan
source: google image

Physically, orangutan has similarities with human. They have two hands, two legs, and also mammalian. The high of them is up to four to five feet. Most of them have coarse red-brown hair, and they are the highest forehead of all apes. They have very long arms. They use those long arms to swing from branch to branch. It can help them to move more quick to another place to get food. Orangutan is the giant ape which classified as herbivore animal. Even though they are herbivore; they prefer to eat vegetable and fruits.

Bornean Orangutan
source:google image

Usually Orangutan gets food for them self, except for the female orangutan which have the baby.  They live in small groups, no longer than family group. When orangutan has grown up, they usually separate with the family and they try to survive individually.  Orangutan builds their nest on the tree. Usually, the platform of nest is 25 feet above ground. It can help the orangutan to save their food, sleep, and even to avoid their predator or the other danger.

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