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How Can You Help a Friend or Roommate who is Making Poor Life Choice

by: Nailatur Rofi'ah

People can make a wrong decision in their life. It can happen in our life. That wrong decision is make people feel poor in their life. One of examples of making poor life choice is wrong decision when choosing major for high school students who will enter the university. This is a general problem for many graduate-high school students or already as university students. This problem can happen because they do not know what he or she wants to learn. It can be serious problem when they do the entrance test.  They just pick the major randomly without knowing what the major that they have chosen. In addition, the lack information about major and university is one of factors of wrong decision. There are ways that we can do for help a friend who has that problem, such as giving the advice for him/her to consult to the psychologist , doing research together about the major and university, then make sure that the major is linear with his/her life goal.

For the first, you can give your opinion about the major or university that you have known, then if your friend still confuse about that, she or he can consult to the specialist. When student have difficulties to choose what the best major for him/her, the best way is consult to the psychologist. They will know what the best for the students. They will examine the students what the best major and appropriate to the students. Usually the psychologist uses the psychology test to knowing the willingness and the ability of students. This method can help more to choose the best one for students and they will give the best advice for them.

After she/he know what will they pick, then your friend and you can do research together about the chosen major and the university. Doing research together with friend is very useful thing, because your friend will feel the support from you. It can help him/her from their psychological condition.  When your friend have made decision to chose that major and the university, try to suggesting that it will be better if they consult again to the psychologist to ask that if they have make a right decision.

Then after your friend make a decision to choose that major and university, ask again if the major is appropriate and linear with their life’s aim. When the major is suitable with their life’s goal, you have to support them with full of spirit. This is important because support from friend is really needed for the people who feel poor in their life. It can build stronger spirit in their life.

  For helping the students who have made wrong decision when choose the major in university, there are many ways that we can do to support him/her, such as giving your opinion and suggest what the best way to solve the problem, then help them doing research what major and the university that they want to, and the last do not forget to always support your friend whatever the decision that they made and belief that is the best decision for them.

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