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i just wanna write it..
i just wanna do it..
i just..
i just..
i just..

i just wanna to be useful people.. useful woman.. useful daughter.. useful older sister.. useful..
what you've done with all this time until now?

happiness? what's kind of happiness?
we can feel it.. we can't do anything when loose it..

why all of people want to be happy?
yeah.. happy.. happiness..
no one wanna to be sad.. in the sadness.. so scary..

all of day that i had done.. from i was born in this world until became a girl will be a woman..
are you ever make your parents proud of you? do they happy with all your life?
are you sure they feel happy from you?

i need 'mirror' to look into my self.. more and more..
i want to be better than before.. I MUST BETTER THAN BEFORE!!!!
don't fell in the same hole!

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