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Is it OK for men to cry in public?
All people have rightful authority to cry, aren't they?
Cry is emotional expression for all living-thing. Not only human but animal can cry too.
For human, cry is emotional expression. They will cry when they get happiness or sadness. But some rumors say that men are forbidden to cry, because it’ll make show their weakness. As I know, the men are really hated if they look weak in front of many people although they really weak at some conditions in their life.  So, that’s make men don’t want to cry in public. They will really shy if they found out by other people while crying.

In according to me as a woman, it is normal when a man cry, but what the reason? What’s make him cry? I’m curious about that. I ever chit and chat with my friend, we discussed about this. She said that a man who cries is normal, but depend on the reason. If one of his family members passed away then he cry, it’s normal. But if he got failure and depress in his life then he cry in public, it’s so embarrass. I agree with her. 

Then, after we talked about that, I got the conclusions. A man cry in public is normal when, first, he gets sadness very deep for example if one of his family members passes away.  Second, he gets accident then gets injury in serious condition (it’s really normal if he wants to cry). Third, he has very deep regret for some fatal mistake in the past and he couldn't forget that, example: when he was a child, he couldn't save his friend from dangerous condition or his friend died because saves him from conflagration. And the last, when he feels affected because of something, for example he saw other people in really bad condition, so he feels touch to help and affected for deep honestly until he cries. Maybe still there are many reasons, but I think it’s normal and so rational to think if men want to cry because of those reasons. 


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